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Vidyawati Devi Private ITI is a new private sector institute being established by the registered Akhil Bhartiya Jan Kalyan Samiti with an objective of imparting skills in selected trades to meet the skilled manpower requirement of industry. Institute Managing Committee (IMC) is constituted in 2011 for Improvement in the field of vocational training to equip the youth with skills, education & discipline for suitable industrial employment as well as self-employment.

ITI is located in center location of Katra Dayaram Mauaima Allahabad. Institute has all infrastructure facilities needed for overall development of skilled manpower, like Workshops, theory rooms, library, Audio Visual Aids, and Hi-Tech Computer labs for awareness about computer to trainees of all trades. The courses are being affiliated to National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), through the Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET), Government of India in the Ministry of labour, New Delhi.

We at Vidyawati Devi Private ITI   are committed to develop skill sets suitable to the advancement of manufacturing and Service sectors with consistent good education. Vidyawati Devi Private ITI focus on the industrial engineering education of a high quality by including positive attitude, technical competence, and by adopting more on practical knowledge with Quality Management System. We also attempt to continuously improve the training system by adopting appropriate scientific approaches.

Our educational institutions have become centres of indisci?pline and lawlessness because they impart that type of education to the students which rarely proves useful to the students in their later life. The result is that students themselves during the course of receiving education feel frustrated and have no creative interest in the lessons taught to them in the class rooms. No reasonable man can deny this fact that India is deplorably backward in techni?cal education. It is the foremost reason of our low standard of living. India is short of doctors, engineers and skilled workers to serve the society and to run our factories profitably. Our big projects sometimes fail on account of paucity technical hands. The present system of Indian education was set up by Britishers with a view to producing clerks and white-collared ?Baboos? who could be helpful in running the administration. So this system is funda?mentally defective and it requires a complete re-orientation to meet the challenges of changing India

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